Ap24 Whitening Toothpaste Review (AP24 by NuSkin)


Have you been wondering about the so-called miracle toothpaste being advertised on Facebook and elsewhere on social media? Its marketers normally use “before and after” photos, lending truth and persuasion to the product’s effectiveness. The social media campaign and strategy appears to be effective. AP 24 is considerably a popular whitening toothpaste.

However, the question, is, of course, is it really effective? Here’s your no-nonsense review about the product – what you need to know, whether or not you should get it, plus, how you could actually get the best price for it.

The Good

The product has a “vanilla mint” flavor and has a truly refreshing effect after you brush, without the usual sting of the world’s most popular brand of toothpaste. This is why AP24 is actually a good option for your kid once he or she graduates from using the pink strawberry-flavored kiddie toothpaste.

The Bad

This toothpaste is not necessarily the miracle product it claims to be – it does not have an ultra-whitening effect. You have to get your teeth bleached by a professional in order to achieve that. So yes, it whitens and cleans teeth, but don’t expect a dramatic change in your teeth color.


The Verdict

Give it a try. AP 24 costs a little more than the usual toothpaste, but once you start using it regularly, you may not want to switch back to your regular toothpaste. AP24 has a luxurious feel to it, more like you’re having a mouth spa every time you brush. You’d actually look forward to brushing your teeth with it and after a few weeks of religiously using the product, your teeth do get slightly whiter.


The Secret

See, this blog usually ends with “The Verdict,” but since you’ve decided to read this article until the end, let me share with you a little secret – how you can avail this product at the best price and become its re-seller. The entire process is actually free.

First, access its website https://www.nuskin.com/content/nuskin/en_PH/signup/distributor_signup.html and choose “Personal Distributor Account.” Then you’ll need to fill in the “Sponsoring Distributor ID” box. Type in the code PH0050602 and fill out the rest of the details. Write down your username and password so you won’t forget it.

You might wonder why a TIN is needed for this process – and that’s because you can actually make a legitimate networking business out of this product, and when that happens, you’ll get commissions from the company which are subject to applicable taxes. At this point, no need to worry; for starters, you just want to get the toothpaste at the best price, right?

So once you’re done with registration, you’ll get a welcome email with a voucher (use it wisely) and that means that you can log in to the site (https://www.nuskin.com/content/login/corp/en.html?destination=/content/nuskin/en_PH/info/contact.html&cancel=/content/nuskin/en_PH/info/contact.html&market=PH&localepage=/content/nuskin/en_PH) , view the products and order them at distributor’s price. You can also walk-in at the distribution centers located in Trafalgar Makati and Octagon Center in Ortigas. Actually, here are the office addresses, in case you’re curious: https://www.nuskin.com/content/nuskin/en_PH/info/contact.html. All you have to do is present them your registration number and you automatically get the product at a discounted rate.

Remember, there are real people who make real business out of the products on the site, but in order to do that, it’s much better for you to be part of a group that will guide and train you along the way. However, if you’re mostly interested in getting the product at the best rate for your personal use, then the registration should work well for you.

Family Vacation in Bohol: A Review of The Bellevue Resort Bohol


The Hotel’s Facade

Date Stayed: January 24-27

Type of Traveller: Family with toddler

Why visit Bohol? My top three reasons are: 1) To see a majestic view of the Chocolate Hills, 2) To have a friendly encounter with the Tarsiers and 3) To experience the Loboc River cruise. We went to Bohol last January 24-27 and had a blast. Among these three experiences, I enjoyed the chocolate hills the most – they were bigger than what I imagined them to be and it was an adventure to climb the stairs that allowed us to see them in full view. Plus, I enjoyed my husband’s face as he humped his way up with our daughter in his arms.

Back to this article’s purpose – this no-nonsense review gives you information on what it’s like to stay at The Bellevue Resort in Bohol. If you’re considering it as a place to stay, I’d say go for it. The hotel spells out good value for money.

Here’s what you should expect in summary:

The Good:


Deluxe Room




Yes. a veranda!


Clean and spacious bathroom


Yes, a bath tub!

  • The Room – clean and considerably spacious. Request for a room with a view (we did not get one but we were still happy).
  • The Facilities – I especially love the fact that there is a play room for children and an area for feeding koi fish. Fish feeding was fun because we had a toddler with us. We got food for the fish from the hotel staff; we could also feed them with bread. It was also funny how they easily got used to being fed when they see a hand stretched out above them that they tried to follow our hands and swallow air even when we were not giving them any food.
  • The Breakfast Buffet – the buffet had variety and was delicious. It put a smile on my face and made me eat more than planned.


  • Acoustic/Live Band Night – this was very romantic and relaxing. You can check the schedule with the hotel but my husband and I had an awesome night requesting at least three songs we liked and eating as much as we could.
  • Beautiful areas – You’d love to take pictures in this place.
Swimming pool3


The Bad:

Swimming pool2

Brrrr! Cold

  • No heater for the pool – We couldn’t last an hour in the pool because it was cold, even in the morning and noon time. Well, we visited in January, so that might have been a factor.
  • Access – there was not a lot of other places to go to near this area so it was really cool that the hotel itself was a great place to stay in.

The Verdict:

Yes! Consider staying in this hotel especially if you have a toddler with you. This hotel has more of a family fun, safe and semi-luxurious feel to it. Choose a different hotel if you want to be more adventurous and get a backpacker lifestyle kind of feel. My tip is to look out for promos on the hotel’s Facebook page or website as you might end up paying less if you reserve from there.

I hope this helps,




When you see that there’s an opportunity to make extra income using your mobile phone, what do you do? You take it. These days, there is such a thing as easy money. I say it’s easy because the things you have to do to make extra cash using these applications are repetitive and involve little brainpower.

You don’t believe it? Check out the apps below and try them yourself:

  1. SNAPCART (https://snapcart.asia/cashback-new-snapcart/
  • This is perhaps the simplest app to make extra cash. You download the app and take pictures of grocery receipts. Yes, that’s it. The higher spend reflected on your receipt, the higher peso cash back you get. The basics in using this app are as follows:
    1. Take pictures of receipts you own. If you take pictures of receipts that do not belong to you, your account may get suspended.
    2. Receipts have to be clear, less than three days old and reflect spending for grocery, cosmetics or drug store items. Note that you can only take pictures of THREE receipts per day.
    3. You get to cash out for as little as P220 reflected in your Snapcart account – and you can have this deposited straight to your bank account or given to you as phone credit.

The other great news about Snapcart is it has levels – if you take pictures of receipts consistently, you get “promoted” and that means you get more cash for the receipts you take pictures of. It also has bonus features like surveys and some games, but you’ll be all right with just snapping pictures. How much can you earn? It depends on how much grocery spending you have, but P500/month should be easy if you’re consistent and that’s already going to pay your water bill, right?

2. SHOPBACK (http://www.shopback.ph/?raf+Kop0ho)

  • If you’re into online shopping, travel booking or you’re using online transportation apps like Grab – you’ve got to have Shopback (www.shopback.ph/?raf+Kop0ho) . It basically gets you discounts for the online purchases you make – be it from Lazada, Zalora, Grabcar, Booking.com and even Jollibee delivery! Cash backs/discounts range from 2-10% so if you’re purchasing electronics and travel, the cash back could be pretty significant. The downside is you need to purchase something in order to make money from this app, but if you’re going to buy something anyway, then just use it. There is only one thing you need to remember when using this app – make sure to access the online store through this app. So uninstall your Zalora. Lazada or other apps – download this app instead and make your purchases through here.

Oh, and the other thing – while making money here is real – you have to be more patient because it is going to take a while before you can redeem your cash back – purchases that can be returned (say Lazada or Zalora) have to go beyond the return/refund timeline so that means it could take two-three months before they are credited to your account. Plus, the minimum cash-out is P300. But then again, it’s a cash back for the things you’re buying anyway so why not, right? And yes, like Snapcart, you can cash out your money through your bank account, too.

3. COINS.PH (https://content.coins.ph/mobile/)

  • PH. You can sign up using your Facebook account (wow, isn’t that easy?) and earn P50 instantly buy just keying in a referral code like 9ysd5i – this is for real and almost effortless. After that, you will have you’re an invite code which you can share to friends and you will get money for every referral you make. But how else do you make money from Coins.ph? Here are the basics:
    1. Pay your bill. First, you need to top up or put in some money on your Coins.ph account. Once that is done, you have money for paying bills. You get P5 for every bill payment you make through the app and you get an extra P100 for paying 5 bills a week. Yes, go ahead and ask your friends to pay their bills through you.
    2. Buy load. When you reload using the Coins.ph app, you get something like a 10% cash back of the load. That’s not bad at all.

You get to cash out your money through banks, Cebuana Lhuiller, Gcash and several other options like using the cash to put load on your prepaid mobile sim card. It’s also interesting because you can put money in your Coins.ph wallet using 711 (besides major banking institutions).

There you go – three money-making apps that are easy and hassle-free to use. My advice? Start with one app at a time and watch how it’s able to help you pay off some of those monthly bills here and there.


Have fun!

How to Handle Delayed Salaries


Delays in the release of salaries can be frustrating and demotivating. Employers should ideally inform employees early on when a salary delay is imminent, but this is not always the case. When this happens, hardworking employees and their families get penalized with interest rates for delayed payments, thereby causing a truly stressful situation. But delayed salaries do happen, and the bottom line really is, what can you do about it?

Here are tips on how to handle delayed salaries by employers:

  • Be prepared. Whether or not you have experienced delayed salaries from your employer, make it a habit to invest in an emergency fund. Most financial advisers would recommend having an emergency fund worth 6-12 months of your expenses saved in an easily accessible savings account. Six to twelve months might mean a huge amount, but slowly but surely, build these funds up. Start with 15 days or one month. Don’t buy that dress yet or avoid eating out for a couple of weeks. You cannot be in control of your employer, but you have some control over the management of your finances.
  • No one wants to beg or make promissory notes, but whenever you feel that a salary delay is possible or you’ve run out of emergency funds to pay off debts scheduled within two weeks’ time, talk to your bank, landlord or lessor and request for an extension for the payment. Remember: it is best to put this request in writing or in email – some form of communication that is easily documented. Although you can also make phone calls, written communication is still best because it offers you some form of “proof” or documentation. Whether or not your lessor agrees to move your payment deadlines, the letters you sent and the responses you receive from them could be of some use to you in the future.
  • Document the delay in salary payments. Here are the items you can use in documenting delayed salaries:
    1. Salary account/statement account records. You can request this from the bank or create photocopies of your passbook (in case your salary goes in there). If a statement of account is not handy, you can also take screenshots of your bank account’s records that show no records of transaction for your supposed payroll dates.
    2. Log sheet. List down the date, times and names of people from your employer with whom you have discussed the subject of your delayed salary.
    3. Written coordination with the employer. It is certainly best to write emails and letters to your employer. If you are submitting the letter to the office, make sure you have a receiving copy, stating the name, position and date of the person who received the letter.
  • Build a strong case. The best way to handle the situation is to come to terms with your employer – get them to give you feedback on what really should be expected in terms of your salary schedule. If your employer ignores you and refuses to properly coordinate with you, build a strong case – write them a good letter and copy the person in charge from DOLE as well. When you write to the government, address it to a specific officer. Here is the link to a directory you can use – https://www.dole.gov.ph/pages/view/19. Follow-up the status of your letter within seven business days so everyone knows that you’re serious, and that yes, you are going to make them busy.

 Meanwhile, a strong case means:

  1. A well-documented complaint. Remember those letters, emails, log sheets and statement of accounts that you have? Use them as annexes to your letter.
  2. Proof of damages caused by delays in salary release. Remember the penalties imposed to you by your creditor or landlady? Include them as annexes to your letter
  3. A significant number of similar incidents. Remember: There is strength in numbers. Has the salary delay happened often? If so, show proof that it did. Are there other employees like you who experience the same problem? Get their names, numbers and stories. Ask them to file a complaint similar to yours, or write one letter with all of you as signatories. Be sure to indicate in the letter that if the employer still fails to coordinate with you, you will have no other recourse but to take legal measures and even use social media to discuss your plight.
  4. Be persistent. It may be bothersome for you and you may think it doesn’t work, but yes, go ahead and pester them with calls, emails and whatnots. Let them understand that you stop at nothing until you get your well-deserved salary.

Of course, it is much easier to complain when you have a Plan B for your employment. No one wants to work for an employer who does not give a premium to its employees. So while you are gathering information and building your case, strongly consider getting a new job as well.

Dealing with Separation Anxiety

How my two-year-old-toddler and I overcame separation anxiety


“Mama! Mama! Mama! Waaaaahahahaaaa!” My little girl cries as she stares at me with a pained expression, her mouth wide-open and her hands extended, reaching towards me. It’s 8AM again and I have to leave for work. Fifteen minutes ago, we were having fun at breakfast. All was well until she realized I was leaving.

I look at her, kiss her cheek, say “I love you,” and head for the car. She cries even louder. My heart breaks. But I have to go to work, right? So I close the window and drive on.

Over the past few months, I’ve been thinking of ways to put my daughter at ease and distract her from my daily departure due to my obligation called employment – I let her watch Super Simple Songs on YouTube, let her pet the dogs, give her a new toy or ask her caregiver to tell her that she has to change her clothes or wear slippers because we’re heading out together, (which, of course, isn’t true because the moment she finishes doing that, I’m actually gone).

Then a colleague at work talks to me about bringing my daughter to school. The idea sounded ridiculous to me at first, because my daughter is only 22 mos. old. I know for a fact that I went to school when I was much, much older, like four years old. Twenty-two months just sounds too early. Right?

Wrong, actually. After researching and calling up schools, it appears that offering classes to toddlers as young as 1.8 years old isn’t something new anymore – it’s the norm, not the exception. So I thought, well, okay. Of course, it’s been over 25 years since I started school anyway – there’s got to be changes! However, I had reservations – wouldn’t she end up getting bored or too tired of school later on because she’s starting too early? Wouldn’t she be pressured about going to school? Maybe getting up for school would be a pain? Wouldn’t she be bullied because she’s too young? What if she doesn’t want to go to school daily, and just attend every other day? Plus, toddler schools in Metro Manila cost a whopping P100,000/year. It would be such a waste to enroll and find out halfway that maybe she’d want to quit, right?

Yes! So I ended up looking for a nearby toddler school that has flexible payment options and a realistic class schedule and design. It’s DEPED accredited, less than a kilometer away from our house and has a student-teacher ratio of 5:1. They offer trial classes for the first three days. The objectives of the pre-nursery class include developing socialization behavior with other children, familiarization with some colors and shapes and getting used to a school environment. That also means learning to part with parents or caregivers for an hour and a half.

This sounds good to me. Plus, the tuition is less than 30K a year. What the school is trying to avoid is parents expecting their children to finish school early, just because they started early. Apparently, DEPED accreditation is based on a child’s age and competence, not the year he/she started schooling. This sounds ok to me. Anyway, I’m not sending my daughter to toddler school to accelerate her schooling. To me, any type of play or school activity should be better than just watching TV with her caregiver at home.

The result? My daughter and I wake up at 7AM and we’re off to our respective appointments by 8AM. We’ve established a pretty good routine, and when we part ways, I now get a good smile and a sweet wave of good-bye. No more heartaches for me; no more tears for her.

A Review of UBER Manila – and How You Can Get a Free Ride


Tired of waiting in line for a taxi? Frustrated with impolite cab drivers always asking for additional payment when traffic is bad? Cab drivers who refuse to use the meter? Use UBER. What is UBER anyway? UBER is a company that has established a system for private car owners to make use of their cars virtually as a public transport system. In other words, if you own a car and sign up for UBER, you can make money by picking up passengers and bringing them to their desired destinations for a fee. Meanwhile, if you are a commuter, and you want an alternative to jeeps, buses and taxis, you can download the UBER application, sign up by putting in a credit card or debit card, and then make use of the service of Uber private cars. This Uber Manila Review is based on my own experience as  a person who has used Uber for so many times over the past two months. Is it safe? There’s nothing that can guarantee your 100% safety; even driving your own car posts some risks. However, Uber is a much better option than the taxi for the following reasons: 1) The “meter” is decided by UBER through GPS. The driver couldn’t influence the amount of the fare you will pay for by tampering with the meter because he has no control over it. 2) You do not need to bring cash because you are charged through your credit card. 3) You get your driver’s first name, car type and plate number in advance. If anything happens to you, you have handy information to send a report. This same information is even sent to your email so you can look back at it and report problems, if you have any. 4) The cars from UBER are mostly new and well maintained. Most drivers own the cars and will actually treat you so well. 5) UBER drivers can’t increase your fees when the traffic is bad or when it rains like taxi drivers do. The BEST thing about Uber is that IT LETS YOU KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT – what your car driver looks like, what the car is, the plate number, the fare estimate, how long it takes your driver to pick you up from your location, and where exactly your driver is at a specific time. There are no surprises; what you see is what you get. No sudden increase of fees, no changing of minds. Uber makes commuting so easy and simple. If you have a car but you’re on coding, use UBER. If you don’t feel like driving because the traffic is bad, use UBER. Using Uber is like having a variety of cars and drivers at your fingertips without having to pay for parking fees. It is very convenient, and I am speaking from my own experience as a person who has used Uber for over twenty times in now, and I plan to continue using it in the future. We might even sign up one of our cars for it since the business is making good money and provides good service for the people of this traffic-bound city. I hope this blog was able to give you a pretty decent review of Uber Manila. As a treat for reading my blog today, here’s how to get a free ride on your first UBER trip:


The UBER code below can help you get a free ride from Uber – up to P100 off on your first ride. Just input it after clicking the PROMOTIONS menu once you download the Uber application, or to make life much easier, download Uber using the same link I posted above (https://www.uber.com/invite/amyb2938). FREE UBER CODE Public transportation in the Philippines has never been easy, but Uber has made it truly more bearable. Have fun! Amichi

Shopping at Zalora Philippines

You may be wary with online shopping for a variety of reasons, but here’s why you should consider Zalora:

1. It offers CASH ON DELIVERY, making shopping virtually risk-free.

2. You can easily avail vouchers that offer you discounts all year round. If you want an instant 15% discount on your Zalora purchases, try to put in the following code before you checkout: ZBAPQSYA


3. The photos of the products on the website are as close as possible to the delivered goods.

4. Delivery is quick. You don’t need to pay for express delivery at all. Although the guidelines say that you should expect your package between 1-3 days, you can expect your package to arrive the next day if you choose to have it delivered to an easily accessible location – like your office.

I have recently tried out Zalora since I got pregnant and shopping became a bit of a hassle for me since I got tired easily. I was so pleased to find out that some of my favorite maternity brands like Nine Months and Buntis were being advertised on Zalora. Nike, Mango, Kipling and Ray-Ban are just some of my favorite products featured on the website.

If you’re a sucker for bags like me, do try some bags from Zalora, too. The prices are reasonable and the bags look great and sturdy. The bags are much better than the ones offered by SM’s Parisian if you’d ask me.

Do you have a similar shopping experience with Zalora or perhaps another shopping website? Do let me know!


Below are the products I purchased from Zalora and they’re great!

zalora 2 zalora 3